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Responsibilities Demanded In Formula Feed Preparation
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Preparing an infant formula feed appears simple but it demands a high degree of responsibility, particularly in maintaining hygiene and ensuring that feeds served are of the correct concentration prescribed by the formula manufacturer. It is very harmful to serve formula feed of the wrong concentration to a child, especially over-concentrated feeds.
The responsibilities in formula feed preparation principally encompass the following:-
1. Ensuring Feeds Are Of The Correct Prescribed Concentration

In order to prepare a feed of the correct concentration prescribed by the formula manufacturer, the formula powder used must be accurately measured.  To ensure this, it is essential to:-

i) Use the measuring scoop provided by the formula manufacturer.
  The particle size, density, and composition of formula powder produced by different manufacturers will differ. Similarly, the volume of the powder needed to prepare a feed will not be the same. Therefore, it is vitally important that only the scoop provided by the formula manufacturer be used to measure the amount of powder prescribed by the manufacturer for preparing a feed of the correct concentration, in the interest of the child's health.
ii) Levelling every scoop of powder used properly.

For accurate measurement, every scoopful of powder used must be levelled properly. This is traditionally done with an external levelling utensil, such as a knife.

The lack of education on this responsibility is associated with the following problems:-

  • Use of wrong scoop levelling methods, such as knocking a scoopful against the inner wall of the container, levelling with fingers and spoons, all of which methods can actually compress or compact the powder in the scoop, resulting in using more powder than prescribed.
  • Scoop levelling is ignored totally.
  • More powder is deliberately used to prepare concentrated feeds on the misguided belief that it is good for the growth and health of the child. This fallacy is gravely harmful.
iii) Incorrect Scoop Count and Water Volume Used
  Obviously, incorrect scoop counts and water volume used will result in wrong feed concentration.

The traditional method of using an external scoop levelling utensil in feed preparation is a time consuming task, involving a repeating juggling act, which process can cause mistakes in scoop counts, especially so when a hungry baby crying for a feed makes the mother anxious and more so when preparing night feeds, when the mother will be tired and sleepy.
2. The Risk of Serving Formula Feeds of Wrong Concentration
  Wrong formula feed concentration can be very harmful to infants, especially in their early years of life.
i) Harm of Serving Diluted Formula Feeds

Diluted formula feeds can lead to:-

  • Under-nutrition, which can retard physical growth.
  • Increase susceptibility to diseases and prolong recovery or even death.
Use of diluted feeds is largely due to economic reasons.
ii) Risk of Serving Over-Concentrated Formula Feeds

Research findings conclude that over-concentrated formula feeds can result in serious health risks in infants, such as:-

  • Overworking the infant's young and delicate kidneys.
  • Dehydration (hypernatremia), which can result in brain damage
  • Transient Diabetes
The use of over-concentrated formula feeds is believed to be widespread.

See Relevant Medical References On This Subject
3. The Misguided Belief That Concentrated Feeds Promote A Child's Health And Growth
  There is often a misguided belief that strong concentrated formula feeds promote a baby's health and growth. This leads some parents to use more formula powder than prescribed deliberately and exposing their children to serious health risks. This fallacy is seriously damaging.
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