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TEECY™ brings to the world an International Award-Winning Invention for the efficient management of infant formula and safe formula feed preparation, for the well-being of infants worldwide. THE FIRST AND ONLY IN THE WORLD.
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This patented invention is a revolutionary airtight, stainless-steel formula container invented with eighteen innovative features to resolve and permanently eliminate the many perennial problems inherent in the use of infant formula and in formula feed preparation. These problems have been tolerated for many decades now, ever since the introduction of infant formula to the world, because there just was no solution for them, until the advent of this innovative TEECY™ Baby Care product.
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The TEECY™ Formula Containers will eliminate reliance on plastic wares for storing formula powder and for pre-measuring outdoor feed requirements. Plastic containers come with the risk of BPA and plastic chemicals leaching into formula powder. Even BPA-Free plastic containers may leach worrisome, exposing the child to suffer the awful taste and risks during his entire infancy.
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Breast-feeding is best for infants. When there is a need to use infant formula, due care has to be taken to level scoopfuls accurately to ensure that formula feeds prepared are of the correct prescribed concentration. Otherwise, they can cause serious harms to your child, such as dehydration, brain damage, kidney damage and diabetes. The TEECY™ formula containers incorporate a scoop-leveling facility for swift, accurate and effortless leveling of scoopfuls in a single scooping cum leveling motion.
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Good hygiene must always be maintained. Avoid powder spillage, especially from external scoop-leveling utensils, as it will attract vermin (cockroaches, lizards and ants) which will contaminate the preparation table and the utensils placed thereon, especially at night, thereby contaminating feeds prepared. The TEECY™ Formula Containers eliminate the need to use external scoop-leveling utensils to resolve these contamination problems altogether.

The TEECY™ Invention is the ultimate infant formula management system for childcare. Endeavoured with many years of research and development to culminate in its state of useful simplicity. Packed with eighteen innovative features, leaving nothing else to be in the want.

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Scoop Storage Facility Accepts All Scoop Sizes
Accurate One-Hand Scoop Levelling
Easy End-Portion Scooping
Airtight Seal
One-Hand Lock System
Appropriately Wide Opening
Easy To Carry Outdoor
Suitable For All Formula Brands
Safe Product
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