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Infant Formula Management System (MINI)

Capacity : 400 gm

This Mini Model has all the innovative features of the Large Model, with the following additional benefits for outdoor and travel use:-

  1. It holds a few days’ feed requirements, eliminating the difficulty in ascertaining the number of feeds needed for outdoor or travel.

  2. It eliminates all the problems faced in the practice of pre-measuring outdoor powder requirements in small plastic boxes which are not airtight, causing the powder  to get damp.  

  3. The risk of plastic BPA poisoning has to be recognised.  It is impossible to physically see if plastic boxes are BPA free.  Then there is the problem  of plastic smell leaching into the powder for the child to suffer its awful taste throughout his infancy.  Parents have been very helpless with these problems, but not anymore now with the advent of this Teecy Invention.

  4. The need to handle damp remnant powder is now eliminated.

  5. This Mini Model fits smartly into any bag and is easy to carry around.  Feeds are easily prepared in parks, shopping malls, cars, coaches, on aeroplanes, on ships and on trains, at beaches, on remote trips, in fact anywhere; with no sacrifice in storage, usage and quality control efficiency.


Quantity :
Price : US$ 200.00

For any order more than 5, please contact us for a separate quotation

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Scoop Storage Facility Accepts All Scoop Sizes
Accurate One-Hand Scoop Levelling
Easy End-Portion Scooping
Airtight Seal
One-Hand Lock System
Appropriately Wide Opening
Easy To Carry Outdoor
Suitable For All Formula Brands
Safe Product

What Are The Customers Saying About This Product

  1. Loretta (Singapore), 19 April 2013

    I am using the small unit for my 8 month old son to store milk. I like the scoop storage and also the easy flip clip. It is clean and easy to wash.

  2. Charmain Song (Malaysia), 19 April 2013

    The Teecy LARGER UNIT container is perfect for storing milk powder, oats & cereal for my growing children. As opposed to using a plastic clip to store my cereals, I find that as I store the cereals in the Teecy units I can manage space in my pantry and also keep the cereals fresh as it is airtight for a longer period of time. It is also cleaner and easier for my kids to take the cereal out whenever they want to eat it as opposed to having to wait for me to do it for them from the plastic and box. Thank you Teecy!

  3. Jackson (Malaysia), 20 December 2012

    Incredible Product!

  4. Mrs Zul (Singapore), 18 December 2012

    I find this combo set is so useful the scope is no longer stick with excess milk powder cause i can place the scope at the compartment provided so everytime when i scope the milk powder i can be sure that no more excess milk sticking to the scope . It so convenient to use , so easy, so safe , it\'s easy to wash & it\'s air-tight and easy for me to carry it around even when i\'m travelling . It a good bargain for me should try it if you have a child who is still on milk bottle.

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